Become a Life Coach

What makes our life coaches different?

Here at Coach4Life, we take training very seriously. We offer a uniquely different diploma course, training multi-skilled and talented coaches. Our coaches are different because they are trained in Co-Active Coaching Skills, Deep Listening Skills, Self Development, Stress Management, Presentation Skills, Meditation, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.)

With this training, you can grow your coaching business in many different directions. This course gives you the options to grow and adapt in this ever changing world to the needs of your private and/or business clients. You can grow your business to include working in your own community, hosting courses, workshops,personal coaching in the health and business communities and online internationally.

How We Are Different

Uniquely different diploma course turning your vision into reality

Your dreams and aspirations are important to us. We will to be there with you every step of the way as you turn your dreams into your reality We pride ourselves in training just a handful of new students at any one time so you can receive as much one to one personal attention throughout your training as you require.  And this does not end with your diploma, as you are part of our family community of coaches and we always like to hear back from you as you grow your new career in coaching.

It gives you 3 careers that you can use simultaneously

Coach with confidence

Motivating and inspiring you to create the life you really want

Growing a successful coaching practice requires great coaching skills.  Here, you are trained in the Co-Active Coaching skills programme which is widely recognized as the most in-depth training available in the coaching industry worldwide. This prepares you to coach anyone on any goal or topic with confidence and skill using the highly respected Co-Active Model. Training in this model not only gives you the skills to be a great coach but also offers you personal development in listening deeply and asking powerful questions to enable your client to connect with the wisdom, skills, and creativity they already possess, rather than advising or instructing.

With our Meditation Certificate module, you also receive a  free 1-day workshop you can present called Learn How to Meditate in just 1 Day. With your Stress Management Certificate module,  you have so many skills you can go on to market yourself as a Stress Management Consultant and create courses, workshops, and presentations for groups in the workplace or in the health sector as well as many other places. Growing your business becomes easy!


Our coaches are trained in Co-Active Coaching Skills to help their clients to:

  • Feel supported and listened to
  • Grow in self-belief
  • Uncover the wisdom within
  • Achieve their goals
  • Create the life they want


Our coaches are trained in Deep Listening Skills so that they can :

  • Hear everything their client says, and especially what they don’t say!
  • Really get to know their clients and discover the very best in them.
  • Untangle their clients’ desires so they can create new, exciting goals
  • Identify where their client may be sabotaging themselves so they can change
  • Empower their clients along the paths best suited to their values, needs, and goals.


Our coaches are trained in Presentation Skills so that they can:

  • Give great presentations!
  • Learn the art of public speaking
  • Build their clients skill and confidence in presentations


Our coaches are trained in Self Development so they can coach their clients in:

  • Building confidence & self-belief
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Improve relationships


Our coaches are trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) to help their clients to :

  • Empower themselves at a moment’s notice
  • Build confidence, self-belief, and charisma
  • Increase productivity, energy, and well-being


Our coaches are trained in Meditation Skills to show their clients how to:

  • Practice Meditation
  • Have good quality sleep
  • Enjoy better energy
  • Our coaches also receive a  free 1-day workshop to present!


Our coaches are trained in Stress Management so that they can:

  • Create courses, workshops, and presentations on managing stress
  • Empower their clients to deal with life’s challenges in a proactive way.
  • Coach their clients in finding balance in work, rest, and play.
  • Thus helping their clients to stay calm and grounded
  •  And enjoy great communication skills to enable better relationships

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