Online One to One Life Coach Training

Online One to One Life Coach Training

Our Online Training Course has many advantages!

  • You can begin at any time.
  • Study at your own pace
  • Benefit from great personal training
  • Benefit from ongoing support

Below is a list of the modules covered in the Life Coaching Diploma.

Life Coaching Diploma Modules:

  1. Introduction to Life Coaching.
  2. Deep Listening Skills.
  3. Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
  4. The 5 Step Coaching Process.
  5. Essential Coaching Skills.
  6. Values & Belief Systems.
  7. The Coaching Models for Success.
  8. Marketing – The Business of Coaching, including eBusiness.
The Investment for the above Life Coaching Diploma is just €1,250

Specialist Certificate Modules for Coaches:

To enhance your skills even further as a Life Coach, we have developed these Specialist Certificate modules which can be included as part of your overall Life Coach Training or added on in your own time.

For Coach4Life Trainees these certificate modules are at the discounted rate of €350 just per module.

MODULE A – You Can Heal Your Life (Louise Hay) and Coaching

Heal Your Life Coaching is a very gentle method for helping your clients to move forward in their lives whilst also healing emotionally within themselves and their relationships. It teaches them the power of their thoughts and as their coach you can teach them how to deal with their emotions and change how they feel in any given moment. These methods match and compliment the NLP tools you will be using as well in your coaching practice.

Heal your life coaching is one of the best methods for building self esteem and confidence. The tools you learn to use on your training you can use in creating courses and workshops for the public as well as in your coaching practice.

MODULE B – Stress Management

This module is a must have for coaches! It is ideal for increasing your knowledge in the many areas listed below where you can help your clients and  you can also use this information in giving seminars/workshops/courses to the public or for in-house stress management work/life balance training in companies, which can come under the umbrella of health & safety for companies.

Some important areas covered are:

  • Increasing Confidence
  • Body Language
  • Understanding typical physical, mental and emotional responses to stressors
  • How to handle Emotions more effectively
  • Developing Goals & Values to reduce stress
  • Time Management
  • Organizational skills for Home & Office
  • Communication skills to reduce Interpersonal Stress
  • Creating a Lifestyle to keep balanced and healthy

You will also receive lots of useful exercises and handouts  that you can use with your clients or as part of a workshop/course.

MODULE C – Meditation Skills

 So often clients who come for coaching are very stressed and as their Coach it is ideal if you are  in a position to teach them how to meditate, which will add an extra dimension to your practice, and benefit your clients enormously. You could even advertise teaching meditation on- to-one as well as coaching.

In this module you will learn and study different methods to meditate, and enjoy all the benefits of this yourself! Included also are meditation scripts and outlines for a one day meditation workshop. This course allows you to run a One Day Meditation Workshop for the public.

MODULE D – Presentation Skills

Great Presentation skills can help you enormously in building your coaching practice as you use these skills to promote your business both in the local community with inspiring seminars and in the public sector.

Again this is a skill that you can teach your clients so that they can progress in this field.

In this module you will learn how to:

  • Identify the objectives of your presentation,
  • Identify your audiences needs and expectations,
  • Use the Presentation Planner Tool,
  • Work with visuals effectively,
  • Prepare, memorise and deliver your presentation,
  • Deal with questions
  • Deliver a great presentation!


When the above Life Coaching Diploma is purchased plus all of the Specialist Modules
you receive one of these Specialist Module absolutely Free.
So you will receive four Specialist Certificate Modules for the price of three.

Why add the Specialist Modules to your Diploma ?

Because they set you apart from other coaches who have had just the basic coach training as you will have so much more to offer and many more ways of diversifying in order to grow your new business.

Is there an exam at the end of the training course ?

No. During your training there will be continuous assessment along with Great Online Teacher Support to ensure that you are developing as an Exceptional Coach!

So this way you grow as you train. We discover where you need to develop more and we help you in this area.  And that support stays with you once you are qualified!

If you have any questions about the above information email us at with your question and contact details.

A booking deposit of 500 euro will secure your enrollment on this training course.